About Us

Student Conduct and Accountability is a small office of two people:

Deborah Eerkes, Director and Discipline Officer

Chris Hackett, Discipline Officer and Academic Integrity Coordinator

Our primary function is to carry out the role of Discipline Officer under the Code of Student Behaviour. That means we investigate allegations against students and make decisions on whether or not a student violated the Code, and what sanctions should be imposed in each individual situation. 

It is unfortunate work, and unpleasant for everyone involved. For that reason, we spend the rest of our time doing our utmost to keep students out of the discipline system. Prevention is key and we run a number of programs to either prevent or address the kinds of misconduct that could land a student in our office. 

Some key examples include:
  • The Academic Integrity Program - designed to educate students on cheating, plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct, and how to avoid or prevent them in your own work and with others.
  • Hazed and Confused - a program to prevent and help address hazing in teams, fraternities and other student groups. This program can be used by the groups themselves or with the help of a facilitator.
  • Restorative Justice in Residence - in RJ, misconduct is viewed as harm to the community, and the resolution is the opportunity to repair the harm and rebuild trust. It allows students to be involved in the process from beginning to end, and gives them skills for life to deal with conflict. 

Community Connections

In addition to the preventative programs, we make every effort to connect with the University Community and beyond:

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Deborah Eerkes 
Director and Discipline Officer 

Chris Hackett 
Discipline Officer and Academic Integrity Coordinator 

1-04 Triffo Hall 
University of Alberta 
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E1 

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