Property and Resources

Get to know the rules!

The Code of Student Behaviour includes rules on damage to property, as well as unauthorized use of facilities, equipment, materials services, or resources. 

Computer use and security

The University provides everyone in the community with an array of electronic resources, not just email. The rules for their use are designed to protect the privacy of all members of the community and the integrity of our digital systems. Make sure you know what those rules are so that you don’t get into trouble for misuse or cause someone else to be harmed.

Tips for securing your own property

Tips for securing your own property!
A few simple precautions can make a big difference to reduce property crime on campus.

See something? Say something!

A community relies largely on its own members to report property crime. If you see something untoward, UAPS needs to hear from you!

Peace Officers’ way of saying “Thank You” to community members who make the community a safer, better place.