Respect and Dignity

Get to know the rules!

Read it before you need it!
Not knowing the rules can get a student into trouble. The Code of Student Behaviour exists to ensure that each and every student is protected, both when another student has wronged them, but also when they are accused of wrongdoing.

The entire University of Alberta community is subject to the Discrimination, Harassment and Reasonable Accommodation policy.  Protection of equal rights for all members of the community ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate!

Are you part of a Student Group or Club?

Student Groups provide a fantastic way to get involved with like-minded people on campus. The University provides resources and support to registered Student Groups. Learn more here!

Worried About a Friend?

If you start to see signs that a friend is at risk for hurting themselves or others, would you know what to do? The University provides all kinds of services to students in distress, we just need a way of linking them to the resources they need. Don’t hesitate to call and find out what you and others can do to help!

See something? Say something!

A community relies largely on its own members to ensure that everyone is safe and respected. If you see something untoward, UAPS needs to hear from you! It is the the Peace Officers’ way of saying “Thank You” to community members who make the community a safer or better place.