Preventing and Addressing Hazing

Hazed and Confused LogoHazed and Confused is a program designed by Student Conduct and Accountability to prevent and address hazing in the University of Alberta, although it can be used anywhere. It came out of a one-day workshop in which two experts, both of whom you will see in the videos, shared their wisdom and research on hazing. We used that workshop as a springboard to think and talk about hazing, both on and off campus.

This website is designed to help students, coaches, advisors and others understand how to identify and address hazing. It includes a step by step approach for students to deal with hazing for themselves within their organizations, based on a method called Appreciative Inquiry. This exercise can also be assigned to a group as a result of a finding of hazing.

What Is Hazing?
Hazing can have many forms. Learn the definition of hazing and find examples to help you identify hazing.

The Truth About Hazing
There are a lot of myths surrounding hazing, but we are here to tell you the truth. 

Make a Positive Change
There are many positive ways to stop the act of hazing. The process of Appreciative Inquiry and our Alternatives to Hazing will help guide you through creating this change. 

Find University services and online resources for information and support. 

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Hazing harms, not helps, the groups that do it... 

You don't have to humiliate people to make them your friends...

Bonding is a positive activity, not a negative one...