Dealing with Disruption

On occasion, you may encounter non-academic behaviour which contravenes the Code.

Reports of Class Disruption go to the Dean or Designate of the faculty. Specific procedures are outlined in Section 30.5.3 of the Code.   

If a student is disruptive to the teaching and/or learning process, the instructor may dismiss that student from Class for a maximum of three hours of class time (traditional classes),  or one week of an online course or other online activities.

The incident should be documented in an email to the Dean. That way if the student is Disruptive again, the record of behaviour exists and the Dean can then proceed with a charge under the Code. 

In all other non-academic incidents, charges are laid by University of Alberta Protective Services. You can contact UAPS by phone at 780-492-5050 or by attending their office in the main floor of the Education Car Park to make a report.